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Corporate Relocation

The Organized Move is your partner for swift and stress-free corporate relocations. Our team's mission is to relocate your valued executives quickly and with utmost care, ensuring minimal disruptions to their work. We go beyond traditional moving companies, providing a seamless transition, personalized attention, and peace of mind, so your employees can focus on their roles with confidence.



Choosing The Organized Move team prior to a relocation brings multiple benefits to both your organization and the relocating employee. Our dedicated teams specialize in every aspect of the move, ensuring cost efficiency by reducing shipping weight through decluttering, thus saving substantially, as most moving companies charge by weight. Moreover, our expert organizers proactively optimize the home, enhancing its appeal for a faster sale, which not only reduces stress but also accelerates the selling process. When you opt for our services, you'll experience a streamlined move that saves time, making the transition into the new home easier and more efficient for your relocated employees.


Settling In

The Organized Move team meets your transferee or their mover at the new location, immediately initiating the unpacking process for a swift settling of families and a prompt return to work for employees. Relocation can be a stress-filled experience, impacting single individuals or families as work roles shift, living spaces change, and new surroundings emerge. Our dedicated professionals offer valuable physical and emotional support. Recognizing that relocating employees directly impacts your business, we aim to minimize value loss by efficiently unpacking and organizing your employee's home within days, not weeks or months. This ensures a smooth and expedited transition, maximizing your ROI.


Peace of Mind

Your employees will work with our local organizing and productivity specialists. Our team of NAPO certified professional organizers each bring their distinctive approaches and areas of expertise, presenting a diverse range of services to our clientele. Subsequent to the relocation, we remain dedicated to supporting your employees and their families with our services such as Monthy/Quarterly Maintenance, Holiday Preparation and Office Manaagement, ensuring continuous assistance and cost-efficiency for your organization.

Feel free to contact us for additional details about our services. We're here to help!

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